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Your market has a say in your business’s future innovations. Minimize the risks, uncertainties, and missed opportunities that come from innovating in the dark. Explore all possibilities within your market with Market Navigation.

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Your Market Innovation Hub

The Mission Control Lab is where innovators come to turn ideas into realities that shape the future. We run missions to navigate teams through the unknowns so they can gain more certainty and confidence for positive outcomes.

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What We Do

Test Your Market for Growth Opportunities

Success has an expiration date. Our solutions are designed to constantly
find new ways to create and develop value for your market and keep you
relevant. Market Navigation is here to guide you with:

Navigation Sessions

Nav sessions are interactive, guided sessions to aid teams through finding new profitable business models and optimizing existing ones.

Co-pilot Hours

Co-pilots offer additional support for developing artifacts (marketing assets, prototypes, etc.) and providing research throughout missions.

Mission Control Dashboard

Manage all of your missions and gauge their impact across your entire organization and growth portfolio.

How to Send Us on A Mission to Test Possible

The Mission Control Lab makes it easier to get the answers you seek from your
market. Simply activate a mission and you’re on your way to results.

1. Submit an Assumption You Want to Test.

After mapping out your business models with your Navigator, your team will be ready to submit assumptions to Lucy who oversees the Co-pilots.

2. Review a Selection of Missions.

Lucy will review your assumptions and deliver a selection of missions that best match with setup time, goal, and probability of success.

3. Activate the Missions You Want to Run.

Simply respond with your choice of missions and the Co-pilots will go to work on your behalf

Gain Access to a Range of 40+ Missions!

Experiment with a wide selection of missions all included in one flat
monthly fee. Missions are managed under fleets that match the
organizational needs of your business.

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of Fleets & Missions.


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Ready Now?

Schedule a Navigation Session to see more examples of
missions and fleets Lucy can put together for your teams.

Our Process

How We Lead Teams

M.E.T.E.R® is the philosophy and behind-the-scenes technical nitty-gritty
of mission executions. It’s how we measure our journey together.


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Market Navigation Plans

Choose a speed at which you’d like to discover and optimize successful
business models. The more Fleets you add on, the faster your team will
 make new discoveries.

Cruise control​

Light Testing

Schedule Session

For Pricing

1 Fleet
3 Active Missions
Mission Control Dashboard
Dedicated Market Navigator
25 Co-Pilot Hours ($25/hr)
1 Navigation Session

Turbo boost

Moderate Testing

Schedule Session

For Pricing

3 Fleets
5 Active Missions
Mission Control Dashboard
Dedicated Market Navigator
50 Co-Pilot Hours ($15/hr)
2 Navigation Sessions

Light Speed

Heavy Testing

Schedule Session

For Pricing

5 Fleets
10 Active Missions
Mission Control Dashboard
Dedicated Market Navigator
100 Co-Pilot Hours ($10/hr)
4 Navigation Sessions

Schedule a free discovery session to understand
which speed is right for your team.


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